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Famar Flavors is a Manufacturer of wholesale spices and functional measures for meat, fish and culinary products. Over several years in business, we were able to expand our product line to over hundreds of different spice blends that successfully compete in the American and European Markets today. Famar Flavors is a company dedicated to comprehensive service meat processing, fish and culinary products. We have a variety of different offerings and can always work with you to create custom blends. Check out what we offer here!

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Great people to work with, I have been using them for years and I keep being amazed with their new spices and rubs. Their steak rubs are amazing especially with the grill season coming up. Would recommend them to anyone who wants to step up their spice game!

Chris Castro

Great customer service from the start. I love their full line of spices and marinades especially the lime and pepper and chipotle marinade. If you can’t find what you are looking for on their website contact them and they will make a custom recipe to fit your needs.

William Hoffman

Great people to work with and do business with. Quality products, service and invaluable industry knowledge. 

Alicia Meyer
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