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For over a decade, Famar Flavors has been involved with the food service businesses. Our expertise in blending ensures unique and extraordinary flavors for all of your locations. We will help you create customer experiences that continue to bring each and every customer back to any one of your locations and keeping the consistency across. We have not only built great relationships with logistic companies that can bring your product promptly and continuously, we have our own employees deliver the product to you!


Our extensive research helped us create a substantial library, but in case there is something that you can not find, don’t worry, our R&D team will assist you in creating a custom flavor that will satisfy your needs. With the highest level of CONFIDENTIALITY, our experts will work on a product for you and the recipe will never be reproduced for anyone other than your business.


Famar Flavors works with you to create a private label for your business. Whether we produce something completely new together using our Custom Blending and Formulations services or it’s something chosen from our library, we can provide an extensive and complete Private Label program for any business. We can assist with the design for your label as well. Private labeling the products we make for you is a great way to expose your branding and our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us at for more information or use one of the methods above.