Our seasonings will take your products to the next level.

By utilizing our great product knowledge, we delivery variety of specialized seasonings and ingredients.


For meat-loving customers, there is nothing better than the taste and aroma of freshly cooked sausages. For the sausages to be truly flavorful and perfect, you need the perfect spices. Famar Flavors will help you prepare products with an extraordinary taste and aroma that fully meet the expectations of you or your customers. We are able to prepare flavors remembered from many years ago or completely modern using the latest technology. We will also consider all your suggestions in the product development process.


Our spices are sources and harvested from different regions around the world. The selection of premium mixes, herbs and spices includes a variety of spices for chicken and poultry. Poultry meat is recommended to people who care about their figure and are on a diet. We also think about such customers, so we provide the right taste, which helps to maintain an appropriate diet. Leave us a message or give us a call today so that we can set up an introduction and pick up your tastes.


A good steak is the basis of our dinner for many of us. Unfortunately, some people make many mistakes when seasoning steaks. Knowing which spice goes well with meat is pure skill. That is why our marinades and rubs allow us to obtain meat with a perfectly balanced taste. When grilling, the aroma of the spices will be more perceptible and the meat will get a crispy crust. Our marinades are also perfect for lamb and pork. You will receive a wonderful lamb chops, skewers as well as the secrets of meat from oriental cuisine by working with us.

Seafood and Fish

Fish and seafood should be present at our tables at least twice a week. They are a source of wholesome protein as well as valuable vitamins and minerals. Famar Flavors’ custom spices for fish and seafood will not only  elevate your flavors but also help you get consistently delicious meals. It has been known for a long time that fish dishes gain a wonderful taste and aroma after adding herbs – so we create sprinkles based on dried herbs that will enhance any fish dish. An additional advantage is the multitude of applications. You can add them to marinade or sauce, rub them with fish meat and breadcrumbs.